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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sony NEX5 Camera

For the longest time, I have wanted to get a new camera. Ever since I quit smoking 3 years ago, I have spent that smoke money on new camera. I have finally evolved into a pretty sweet camera. I upgraded from my Canon to the new Sony NEX 5. This camera is rockin. I by no means am a professional photographer, or am I even the biggest wiz with gadgets, but the more and more I play with the camera, the more I learn. It has some pretty awesome features that I specifically bought it for, but I am learning about features I never knew I wanted.

One of my biggest gripes about digital cameras is the screen is impossible to see or view anything if you are outdoors in the sun. I take a bunch of Winter shots outdoors, and the it is overly bright during that time of year. With the Sony, there is a 3" screen that pivots so I should be able to angle it any direction to get rid of that glare.

With my last 2 cameras, the Sony Cybershot and Canon), it couldn't do a feature that my first Kodak digital camera could do. That is the Panoramic picture. I missed that so much! I love taking Panoramic's. With the Kodak, I had to take 3 pictures, and then the camera spent 5 minutes stitching the images together. With the NEX, I just have to select the Panoramic option, hold down the Shutter button and sweep the camera across the landscape. It even shoots 3D Panoramic pictures.

I love Youtube. I love taking videos. Along with wanting a cool SLR digital camera, I needed to have a something that took high quality video. This camera shoots in 1080i quality. Another awesome feature is that I can jump right into taking a video by clicking a button, and I can be back to taking photos with another click. Before it was a matter of switching modes, a pain. The ability to zoom in and zoom out while taking a video is also awesome. The microphone is located right next to the record button, so I spent a bunch of time blocking the sound unknowingly with my finger. Only down fall so far.

The night time settings are sweet. They can really bring out the current light and make the pictures crisper. I am excited to take a bunch of night time shots.

Those are some of my favorite features so far. As I learn more, I will talk more. I can't wait to see all the shots I will get.

1 comment:

Hippi said...

sounds like a bad ass camera. i hope to see lots of pics from it

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