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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Vikings Last Game Of The Year

I had no illusions of the season. I always stayed positive, but once we hit the half mark of the season, anyone could see that we had no chance. The only thing to look forward to was seeing Jared Allen lead the league in sacks, Christian Ponder learning his role as QB of the future on this team, Adrian peterson break tackles and Percy Harvin make some pretty sweet catches. This season should of been taken as a chance to see what kind of second and third string hidden talent we had on this team. By playing Adrian Peterson at not a 100% instead of checking our depth, I feel coaches should be fired.

This season was almost more of a coaching disappointment than Brad Childress's run here. From the poor choice to hope that McNabb would pan out. No one else thought he would, by why wouldn't he shine on the struggling offensive line of the Minnesota Vikings. As much as I would like to see some MN Vikings Post season play, I will accept the season for what it is and I will start getting excited for the draft.

There are a few highlights to watch for this weekend against the Bears. First, it is Jim Kleinsasser's last game in the NFL. He is retiring after the season. He has 6 career TD's. Leslie Fraizer has told him that if that ball gets to the 1 yard line, he will have his chance to get 1 more. I hope he does it. Second, we will get to see a little more from Toby Gerhart. he had a rough start, but he has been getting better. Third, with a struggling Bears Offense and a 3rd string QB, Jared Allen has a chance to have a spectacular afternoon.

Well, till next season. Skol Vikings

Hazeltine 2009 PGA Golf Championship

Tiger Woods on the 9th Green Hazeltine

The Mercedes Benz Tent PGA Championship 2009

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Different Type of Resolution

This year for New Years, instead of making the usual resolution like loose 10 lbs or quit smoking, I am going a different route. For 2012, I am planning on drinking 1 beer every day for the entire year. I want to do it for a couple reasons. 1, I think it would be neat to check that off of my bucket list and be able to tell people that I did that for a year! Second it would be neat to see if that type of resolution is as difficult to accomplish as the positive ones. It will be a neat experiment.

Another great point is that it will give me a great chance to experience a ton of different types of beers. I am curious to see how many I can try. At a 6 pack at a time, I should make it through quite a few different beers. I can't wait for the new year to get this resolution started!

Friday, December 23, 2011

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Me

If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas for me in case you are still shopping.

10. T Pain Microphone - They sell these at Target so you can sound like T Pain. What is a bigger way to find to super annoy every person you know!

9. Sony Nex C3 Black Digital Camera. I want to be able to take pictures like the pros.

8. MN Vikings Season tickets. I know it was a bad season, but they are still my team.

7. Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Nothing really needs to be said why

6. A Alaskan Cruise. It is one of my goals in life to pee in every Ocean. I have 2 down, why not take a Cruise up North and pee in the Arctic?

5. MN Twins Season Tickets

4. Sharp 80" AQUOS® 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV. Who wouldn't want this monster?

3. Vexilar FL-18SE Genz Pack 12°. I would like a new one. Mine is missing a couple pieces

2. A Life Size Hans Solo Frozen In Carbonite Display Piece.

1.Monkey Butler

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Top 10 Things The Minnesota Vikings Should Put On Their Christmas List

With this dismal season almost over, everyone wants a change. In my opinion, here are the 10 things the Vikings should put on their Christmas list this year. In no particular order

1. A New Stadium - The Dome sucks. I don't know if that is made worse from the fact that we have a awesome new Hockey arena for the Wild or a new Ballpark for the Twins or not, but I do know that the Dome is terrible. Time for a upgrade.

2. A Pro Ball Type Wide Receiver. When Randy Moss was here, it was awesome. Sure he created some drama, but he scored touchdowns. Even recently we did pretty awesome with Sydney Rice, but this year with a big lack of a tall WR kind of hurt us.

3. A semi to take all of the Donovan McNabb Vikings jerseys down to some 3rd world country so we can forget that part of our season ever existed.

4. A stronger Offensive line. It happened with Favre, I hate to admit it, but it happened to McNabb, and you have seen it happen to Ponder. There is just no time for the Quarterback to find a receiver and make a play. You watch the Packers, and Rodgers can do his taxes, make a sandwich, clean up his DVR and then find a target down field before the Defense gets close to him. Ponder would be a lot better if we could give him some time to shine.

5. Getting a better (or any) Secondary. Bringing Benni Sapp in mid season in a pinch was a terrible idea. I realize option were limited, but come on. I don't realize why every team doesn't go deep on us for every play. Especially teams that are known to throw the ball a lot. If its past 10 yards, game over.

6. A new offensive coordinator. Musgrave needs to go. Some of the plays he has called this year seem very similar to the plays Henry Winkler was calling in the beginning of The Waterboy. I realize he may be calling bad plays now just so we loose games to get a better pick, but come on. We shouldn't be in this position to start with.

7. A new head coach. Fraizer may of been thrown into a bad situation, he may be over his head, he might be surround by idiots, but he needs to go. Everything from his dodging of questions about what went wrong, to his Childress like unemotional look he always has on the sidelines. Look like you care a little man. I am a firm believer that when Childress was fired, they should of fired everyone attached to him. A doctor isn't going to operate on a Cancer patient and only take out a small part of the Cancer and hope it just gets better

8. To stay in the top 3 picks of the draft. We aren't mathematically eliminated from #1. Do we get Andrew Luck? You always take the best player available.

9. A way to get all the players together on the same page and slow down our penalties. False Starts, Pass interference, off sides and others are stupid penalties we should not be getting.

10. A special incentive for the players on this team who haven't given up are still putting up big numbers and trying. Those are the players I feel bad for. Surrounded by a bunch of guys with no heart and all you want to do is play your best! Thats why I am proud to own their jerseys. Good job Peterson, Allen, Shancoe and Harvin!

You have to be a fan in the bad times if you want to be a fan in the good, it just seems like so many of them are bad. I am a Vikings fan through and through and will never give up on my club! Theres always next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Foreclosed Homes

I feel bad for the people who own these homes where the mortgages got all turned upside down and were foreclosed on. That sucks and it should of never been a issue to start with. But now there is a different type of problem. Some of these homes were so beat up and uncared for that they are eye sores now. We have a neighbor who never took care of his yard, never took care of his pets, and never took care of his girlfriend. He was evicted this Summer, and once the for sale sign went up, I decided to drive down his long driveway and check it out.

Virtually every window in the house is broken or busted out. The paint and the wood siding is all peeling off or missing. The shingles are peeling back, the yard is a disaster are, there is garbage everywhere. And not just bags of garbage. There is a old boat (a big one) a couple car engines, and some things I don't even know what they are. If I did not live next door and I was seeing it for the first time, I would think it is haunted. It is a big 3 story tall house with a couple really big creepy trees in front.

I wonder if anyone will ever move in or buy it. I wonder how long it will remain empty. Is anyone else seeing this type of thing in their neighborhood?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Brown Christmas

So aside from the fact that there is no snow this year to make the Christmas lights look a little more brilliant, there is also no snow for me to continue working on my sweet snow fort. Well, it wasn't sweet yet, but it was going to be. I bought a Toro Power Shovel from Target a few weeks ago with the plan of building a super awesome snow fort. I was also basing my hopes and dreams off of the snowfall we got last year! It was awesome. But, I should of guessed that since I spent some money on a cool Winter toy, that it wouldn't snow.

Secondly, my big plan was to make a snowman, and then pack its head with mortars left over from the 4th of July. We love packing fireworks in things, and snowman has been one of those things on my fireworks bucket list. I want to make some fake blood packs and stick them in the snowman with the fireworks. But, it is still early in the Winter season, so we should have plenty of snow. Hopefully! Maybe there will be a Christmas miracle and it will snow before the big day this weekend! '

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

A test showed

A test recently showed that 2 personality traits I have are creativity and vindictiveness. I guess thats how I came up with the sleeping pill laxative! You will never see its results, but you will rest comfortably knowing someone is pooing themselves uncontrollably while they sleep! The best revenge!

What The Lunar Eclipse Taught Me

So, being overly excited for last weekends Lunar Eclipse, I went to bed early on Friday night, knowing full well that being in the middle of the country might hinder my ability at seeing the eclipse. I woke up at 4 to check on the moon situation and the clouds. I wanted to know if it would be worth it to wake back up at 6 to watch. It was, and I got back up at 6:15 and headed outside to find that the moon was behind some trees. I needed to drive somewhere to a clear view. There is a plot of state hunting land about a 1/4 mile from home and thats where I headed.

I pulled into the lot and there was a truck there already, so to be polite, I put on my E brake to give the guy some darkness while he hunted and set up rather than be bathed in my day time running lights. So truck is running and warm, the lights are off, I have a good view of the moon and the eclipse is starting. I got about a 1/8 of the way through the eclipse and the moon set behind a giant front of clouds. The morning was over. I decided to leave.

I pulled out onto the main road and realized that I had left my E brake on. I only went about 15 feet, but I could not get it to release. I was stranded in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the early morning. I had only one choice and that was to call a tow truck even though I could see my house from where I was parked. I was waiting and as I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see that the moon was back out from the clouds and the eclipse was almost half way now!

I got to witness 3/4 of the eclipse before I ran out of Horizon. If I was even on the Western side of South Dakota and not Central Minnesota, I think I would of had a better time seeing it. As the moon disappeared over the horizon, the tow truck pulled up. It was great timing. It cost $100 for the tow to the dealership, but once there, my cousin fixed it for free.

What the Eclipse taught me - Don't be over ambitious on a cold morning, and if you don't use your E brake very often, it goes bad really fast, so don't use it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

For a better part of my life, I have spent my Summers working for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I started when I was 14 in 1994. A long time. So for all of those years, I have worked 7 days a week from the beginning of April till November 1st. I work 40 hours a week at my normal job, and then 30 hours on the weekends. fest ended the 1st weekend in october, but they also have a Halloween show that I bartend at. That is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in October (and tonight, Halloween). So that makes normal work a little harder! I am extremely exhausted and tired right now, but I have a giant stack of frivolous spending money and I am staring at the end of the season.

Tonight will be the end for the year. All that prep, all those hours, all of it is coming to an end. Starting tomorrow, my life is going from 110 mph to about 35. It's a nice change of pace after the hectic Summer, but almost gives me panic or anxiety attacks when I find myself with nothing to do on the weekends. I think I will spend this time deciding where to go on vacation this Winter with all my newly earned cash!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that it takes a special kind of person to drink Guinness. I'm not talking someone who handle drinking a strong dark beer, I am talking about that kind of person who thinks they are better than you because they drink or have something that a lot of people don't. Example.

Part time aside from my regular job, I work behind the scenes at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and I bartend at the Trail of Terror (MN Ren Fest's Halloween Attraction). We just serve beer, a couple malt beverages and wine. The 3 beers we have on tap are Grainbelt Premium, Schells Firebrick, and Guinness. I had a guy budge in line last night when we had a long line of people just to critique my tap pour of his Guinness. "You need to pour it slower", "Your Doing It All Wrong", "What's wrong with you", "Haven't you ever pored a beer before" and my favorite that I have heard multiple times "When your in Dublin, they know how to pour". Usually when I hear people drop that one, I follow up with "I am sorry, but you are in a large parking lot in the Minnesota River Bottoms at a Halloween show where beer is poured in mass quantity. Not Ireland". I try to pride myself on my positive customer service, but sometimes people just push a person to far.

So, I implore you, if you drink Guinness, don't be one of those people. Your better than that!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 1st Attempt

This is really so I can just get something put down on here. I don't want just a blank page with nothing to show for it! Who wants to see that! Soon I will add more!

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
Pumpkin Carving