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Monday, January 30, 2012

Taco Burgers, The Best Burger Ever!

So this weekend was the Chaska Minnesota's Fire Departments Annual Fishing Contest, and as is the trend for the past couple years, I didn't catch anything. I did however win big in a side drawing. I walked away with a brand new Vermont Casting Signature Series Gas Grill. This is a nice grill. it lists for a $1000, but we found them on sale for a average of $800! Not to shabby! it worked out perfect because my plan for yesterday was fix old gas grill! Now I had to decide what I was going to make on my new grill. I went with my favorite burger - Taco Burgers! If you love Tacos and Burgers, check this out. They smell so awesome grilling! Here is what you need to do


Taco Burgers

- 1 lb Burger
- 1/2 Packet of taco seasoning
- Hamburger Buns
- Tortilla Chips crushed - I use the Hint Of Lime
- 1 Egg
- Taco Cheese
- Assorted Taco Toppings

In a large bowl, mix together your hamburger, taco seasoning, egg, and tortilla chips. Mix together all of the stuff and make the patties to the size you want.

Heat your grill to a medium/high heat. Throw your burgers on and cook them to what your preference is. I like my burgers Medium. Make sure you put a chair next to your grill to enjoy how awesome these smell. Right before you pull them off thegrill, sprinkle them with cheese, let it melt. Top your burger with your favorite taco toppings and enjoy.


It is such a easy thing to make, but it is so rockin good! Flame Broiled Tacos are the way to go! Enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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