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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Top 10 Things The Minnesota Vikings Should Put On Their Christmas List

With this dismal season almost over, everyone wants a change. In my opinion, here are the 10 things the Vikings should put on their Christmas list this year. In no particular order

1. A New Stadium - The Dome sucks. I don't know if that is made worse from the fact that we have a awesome new Hockey arena for the Wild or a new Ballpark for the Twins or not, but I do know that the Dome is terrible. Time for a upgrade.

2. A Pro Ball Type Wide Receiver. When Randy Moss was here, it was awesome. Sure he created some drama, but he scored touchdowns. Even recently we did pretty awesome with Sydney Rice, but this year with a big lack of a tall WR kind of hurt us.

3. A semi to take all of the Donovan McNabb Vikings jerseys down to some 3rd world country so we can forget that part of our season ever existed.

4. A stronger Offensive line. It happened with Favre, I hate to admit it, but it happened to McNabb, and you have seen it happen to Ponder. There is just no time for the Quarterback to find a receiver and make a play. You watch the Packers, and Rodgers can do his taxes, make a sandwich, clean up his DVR and then find a target down field before the Defense gets close to him. Ponder would be a lot better if we could give him some time to shine.

5. Getting a better (or any) Secondary. Bringing Benni Sapp in mid season in a pinch was a terrible idea. I realize option were limited, but come on. I don't realize why every team doesn't go deep on us for every play. Especially teams that are known to throw the ball a lot. If its past 10 yards, game over.

6. A new offensive coordinator. Musgrave needs to go. Some of the plays he has called this year seem very similar to the plays Henry Winkler was calling in the beginning of The Waterboy. I realize he may be calling bad plays now just so we loose games to get a better pick, but come on. We shouldn't be in this position to start with.

7. A new head coach. Fraizer may of been thrown into a bad situation, he may be over his head, he might be surround by idiots, but he needs to go. Everything from his dodging of questions about what went wrong, to his Childress like unemotional look he always has on the sidelines. Look like you care a little man. I am a firm believer that when Childress was fired, they should of fired everyone attached to him. A doctor isn't going to operate on a Cancer patient and only take out a small part of the Cancer and hope it just gets better

8. To stay in the top 3 picks of the draft. We aren't mathematically eliminated from #1. Do we get Andrew Luck? You always take the best player available.

9. A way to get all the players together on the same page and slow down our penalties. False Starts, Pass interference, off sides and others are stupid penalties we should not be getting.

10. A special incentive for the players on this team who haven't given up are still putting up big numbers and trying. Those are the players I feel bad for. Surrounded by a bunch of guys with no heart and all you want to do is play your best! Thats why I am proud to own their jerseys. Good job Peterson, Allen, Shancoe and Harvin!

You have to be a fan in the bad times if you want to be a fan in the good, it just seems like so many of them are bad. I am a Vikings fan through and through and will never give up on my club! Theres always next year!

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