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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Vikings Last Game Of The Year

I had no illusions of the season. I always stayed positive, but once we hit the half mark of the season, anyone could see that we had no chance. The only thing to look forward to was seeing Jared Allen lead the league in sacks, Christian Ponder learning his role as QB of the future on this team, Adrian peterson break tackles and Percy Harvin make some pretty sweet catches. This season should of been taken as a chance to see what kind of second and third string hidden talent we had on this team. By playing Adrian Peterson at not a 100% instead of checking our depth, I feel coaches should be fired.

This season was almost more of a coaching disappointment than Brad Childress's run here. From the poor choice to hope that McNabb would pan out. No one else thought he would, by why wouldn't he shine on the struggling offensive line of the Minnesota Vikings. As much as I would like to see some MN Vikings Post season play, I will accept the season for what it is and I will start getting excited for the draft.

There are a few highlights to watch for this weekend against the Bears. First, it is Jim Kleinsasser's last game in the NFL. He is retiring after the season. He has 6 career TD's. Leslie Fraizer has told him that if that ball gets to the 1 yard line, he will have his chance to get 1 more. I hope he does it. Second, we will get to see a little more from Toby Gerhart. he had a rough start, but he has been getting better. Third, with a struggling Bears Offense and a 3rd string QB, Jared Allen has a chance to have a spectacular afternoon.

Well, till next season. Skol Vikings


Hippi said...

fire them all brig farv back as the head coach

Nickolay said...

I kinda like that

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